Morro Bay, CA

Type: Website
Date: August 2006 was a joint project between myself and web developer Chance Downs. The website utilizes a custom shopping cart of over 100 different products which can all be updated via the administrator controls.

Products may be added, quantities updated, and orders processed. The website also features original photography and a special "build it" system that dynamically creates images of the wooden bear letters based on what the visitor inputs. Light organic SEO work was also applied. A search for "bear wood toys" on both google and Yahoo! ranks this site in the top 10.


  • VCN 2006
  • Direct Relief International Brochure


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  • Plumbline Recollection One Sheet
  • Terron Brooks Alive Tray Card
  • Guiliano Day Spa
  • Vmatrix Rich E-Mail Design